Drones are changing construction workflows through the constructed world. The real time insights provided by aerial technology provide significant advantage when it comes to completing projects on time and under budget. For the second year running, we have compiled a buying guide of the greatest drones for the built-world. Our analysis reflects the ever-changing landscape of aerial engineering, as well as contains an overview of drone insurance coverages and suppliers. Whether just getting started or updating an existing fleet, our guide offers simple advice for purchasing your very first drone, a summary of common mistakes to avoid, and in-depth reviews of 2020’s top products. 2020’s finest Drones for ConstructionPortability & storageDJI Mavic Pro PlatinumLearn MoreIf you would like to go right to the full reviews for each drone, then jump ahead to the area on top drones for the building industry. You might be tempted to dip into comparing particular drones, but try to resist. To begin with, you should determine your requirements and decide on the proper software. We’ll say it again – pick your applications before even looking at hardware. Software is how you will manage your drone data, that is the most valuable element of drone ownership. More than that, the applications you use will impact your drone choice, so you will need to get it picked out until you start drone shopping. Before diving in to software, first decide exactly what you want the drone 4 Step Drone Buying Guide of 2019 for and how you would like to use your own data. Determine Your NeedsThe first step to purchasing your drone is deciding how you are going to utilize it. To receive a better understanding of what you need to do together along with your drone, ask yourself the following questions:Marketing:4k video and high resolution photosInspection:20fps mechanical camera and high resolution video transmission to remote controllerSurvey:GPS-enabled project maps with altitude dataVertical Scan:LIDAR color camera & 3D modeling softwareWhy it mattersAnswering this question determines how you are likely to find value from your drone and what kind of software you’ll have to purchase. Using a strategy for information use will not only help you find the right drone, but also save money and time when operations are still underway. Daily/Weekly:A specialist level drone (our top picks match the bill), constructed to resist the wear and tear of a construction site, backed by comprehensive insuranceWhy it mattersFlight frequency impacts both hardware and insurance coverage you’re going to want. If your plan is to fly (or even weekly), contemplate ease-of-use and be certain that you have the right policy option. Cinematic Video/Images:3-axis gimbal, scenic wide shooter camera, selfie flight modesThermal, LIDAR, Vertical Scans:modular payload, multi-rotor constructionVisual Inspections:3-axis gimbal, collision detection systemWhy it mattersYour drone can do far more than just take site surveys. They can also take gorgeous movies for promotion purposes and stakeholder upgrades. Contemplating your imaging needs additional clarifies your hardware needs